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VoIP Phone Solutions

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Ready to turn your Phone System into a communication powerhouse?

Phone systems have evolved from basic send/receive call equipment to sophisticated communication platforms that deliver robust capabilities to businesses of all sizes, and Quicksilver Technology can apply the latest technologies to work for your organization.

To ensure you’re taking advantage of today’s advanced business phone features to facilitate greater productivity and business performance, we work with you to better understand your work style and operations. The following is taken into consideration:

  • Internet connection/bandwidth—speed must be sufficient to support certain products and services
  • Features & services—ascertain where connectivity, communication and collaboration can be advanced
  • Budget—determine scope and narrow down offerings to fit cost metrics
  • Equipment—evaluate today and the future to ensure scalability and profitability
  • Usage requirements— are you an all-in-off, remote/mobile or hybrid phone use company

Whether you use traditional or VoIP (web-based portal) systems, Quicksilver Technology can guide you to make the most of your Voice over IP (VoIP).

VoIP Handset Device

VoIP phones are devices connected to an IP phone system using LAN (Local Area Network) or the Internet. In comparison, traditional phones work over the PSTN telephone network, which comprises of physical copper wires.

VoIP Conference Device

Conference Devices are utilized in Conference Rooms are larger groups. These devices have scalability, bluetooth options, Touch Screen, PoE Capable.

VoIP Soft Client

Softphone Mobile and Desktop Applications can be added and used in place of physical handset. These apps will function just like a regular handset with the use of a Cellular Device or Windows Desktop paired with a headset. Softphone Apps can reduce hardware cost and also function as an additional Extension of the business phone system for Remote or On the Go Staff.