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Data Backup & Recovery

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Creating duplicate copies of your data sounds likes such a simple concept, yet it can be deceptively complex to pull off successfully depending on your business. Maybe you work with highly sensitive data, proprietary information, compliance-driven data, or business content that must be accessible from multiple locations around the globe. How do you protect it from day to day, or even minute to minute?  TeamLogic IT works with you to identify mission-critical data and to develop a backup system in tune with your company and industry regulations. Local backup may be sufficient, or you may require the support of remote backup, or even a hybrid approach. We’ll help you determine the best path.

Avoid lost data > lost customers > lost revenue. This is the ugly path of business disruption when data is compromised. The loss of information due to natural disasters, viruses, hackers, or even human error has been the downfall of many companies.  Every business, no matter its size, can be impacted. With an appropriate backup and recovery plan in place, your business can recover rapidly and be up and running in hours instead of days, weeks or even months.

What to expect with a Quicksilver Technology solution
Regardless of which Quicksilver Technology resource or recovery solution you choose (local image backup, offsite, or hybrid), we always include:

  • Automatic and regular backups so you can focus on other daily priorities
  • Cost-effective and stress-free administration of your backups
  • Protection from local disasters
  • Protection for your servers, onsite workstations and mobile devices