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Regrettably, this is today’s cyber landscape and no business is exempt from these threats. Sixty percent of companies have experienced cyber attacks such as DDoS attacks, phishing and social engineering attacks*. The cyber threat is constant and ever-evolving, requiring 24/7/365 vigilance. It sounds ominous; however, with the proper cybersecurity solution in place, you can get sleep at night knowing your business is being monitored and protected around the clock by experts— Quicksilver Technology.  Peace-of-mind is within your grasp with our Cybersecurity Essentials or Cybersecurity Services. 

Prepare. Protect. Respond. Level up your cybersecurity.

We believe Cybersecurity is not a one size fits all solution. Just like people have insurance policies to address their specific health needs, businesses vary and have unique cybersecurity requirements. To ensure appropriate cybersecurity measures are in place for your business, request a Quicksilver Technology Inc., assessment. Depending on your business type, industry or even organizational size, you may need to “level up” to advanced cybersecurity. Your Quicksilver Technology experts will evaluate your business and provide guidance across the board—from training employees on password policies and operational procedures to archiving, transcription technologies, and much more. Quicksilver Technology Cybersecurity Services takes protection to the next level. Bottomline: have the right cybersecurity solution in place to protect your business.

Finding what other systems miss.
Cybersecurity is a crucial consideration for any business, so we encourage you to ask questions when going through the assessment process. Not every cybersecurity system is cut from the same cloth, and ours can catch what other systems miss, such as:

  • Spotting unauthorized logins
  • Identifying suspicious new user profiles
  • Finding an application just installed on a locked down system
  • Detecting unauthorized wireless connections to the network
  • Discovering a user was just granted administrative rights

These are just a handful of important topics that should be addressed in the assessment process. A Quicksilver Technology expert will guide you to ensure your company achieves its cybersecurity goals.