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IP Desktop Phone

The GXV3200 Video IP Phone is run on Android 4.4. With the full color touch screen that supports multiple day to day business apps you are sure to never miss a beat. This device supports up to 6 lines, 6 SIP Accounts, and Video Phone Conferencing. Speaker Phone, WiFi and Bluetooth.

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Conference Phone

Our Business Conference Device is an Android based touch screen enable device. Capable of extended microphone expansion for larger conference rooms. 7 Way Conferencing, 6-Lines, 6 SIP Accounts, supports Apps like Skype and Google Hangouts, Built in WiFi and HD call quality. TLS & SRTP security encryption. Gigabit and PoE Ports.

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Desktop & Mobile App

Quicksilver Technology offers a Desktop Soft Phone client and Smart Phone Application(App) that can be added to any account. This enables you to access your desktop phone, voicemail, make and receive phone calls from any where in the world while on the go! A physical device device is not needed to set this up.

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IP Devices, Fax, & Messaging

Quicksilver Technology is a certified VoIP Provider. We have the ability to upgrade or scale your phone solutions up or down. We can provide a new device within 24 hours. There is never any hardware for your business to purchase. Your PBX is in the cloud. Monitored 24/7. We along deploy the latest and best technology equipment and practices. Faxing is a technology that dates a few centuries back. While we know businesses still utilize Fax, we prefer a 21st century approach and that eFaxing. Constructing, Sending and Receiving Fax's directly from your workstation

With our competitive pricing model, NO Contracts, or Hardware to purchase. We are a good bet. We know Phones and we know there are many places to choose from. Having a company that supports their Android Based Video Touch Screen Devices

Quicksilver Technology PBX

We Love Helping People Connect

We are VoIP Experts! Our Android devices are ROBUST and full of awesome features. It is like having a smart phone on your desk for just cents a day.